August 11, 2011

the end is important

though the way may be blocked, there are times that we must persevere beyond what we can see or imagine we are capable of.

i sometimes want that which i cannot seem to find in anyone out side of myself. this thought is not the beginning but rather the end of a dream we must dream.

August 5, 2011

your summer lips like joy

your summer lips like joy and perfection my dear if you will but listen to my perfect words that sing this melodic song for only you.

i think of your ink on soft skin and how the light lays upon it in shadows we both delight to taste your luscious skin like lips that taste of sweet strawberry joy.

August 3, 2011

the breaking of norms like hymen

i have always been a trendsetter in many ways, going against the norm at whim and when everyone tells me to conform.

till i stand alone with everyone clamoring to be like me.

my ipov erotica is a line in the sand to take what you the square population will always call porn and create something beautiful from it.

that is called art, and very soon i will experiment with a male and two females...we shall see if there truly is beauty in my erotic art.

July 14, 2011

as amazingly as you

i am all sorts of broken . my soul cannot fall in love when it is shattered. i am not worth your love . i do not deserve your feelings . don't love me . don't fall in love with me!

love what we do . love the moments we share sweetie . know i love you for the world you give me . the way you fit into my life . you are amazingly wonderful to me . i only hope, when i am whole, i find someone who treats me half as amazing as you!

July 11, 2011

sublime love waiting

in courtesy and gratitude, i see the cobblestone lit by moonlight where a moment earlier it was dark and sultry. it glistened wet from the mist of lust as my sullen heart knew only the joys of a singular self absorbed poet on a walk. the air sat whimsical like it wished the moment had not passed us by, or that as you walked away, the click of your heels matched the beating of my heart. your hand on my lip and the soft whisper of sublime love waiting, till there the light danced of moisture on this poets walk to remember.

July 8, 2011

you make sex sexy

after all, you promised bliss and that was what i felt for hours upon hours as you found all the ways to pleasure me.

with touch, your breath and lips pressed to my labia, my nipples hard and cum dripping on my thigh; you make sex sexy and i have found how bliss feels upon my nerves as every neuron fires to the pulse of your breath.