December 28, 2009

the long haul up a vertical hill with a crowd cheering & jeering you

in the last month or so, i have had many interactions with "fans" and folks who know of my art and speak very highly of my talent. i am not one to shy away from them or the critiques that come from detractors. i do have an abundance of talent, and i have a vision for using it. talent though does not translate to success, recognition or money. i have always taken the stance that i am doing this for the long haul and may very well make my way to the end of my life leaving behind a brilliant legacy of art. i can see this because i have a very complex view of my art and at times embrace a subject matter that can be misunderstood as being shallow, but there are so many layers to the onion that are my themes and those layers are a view of my soul and the filters with which i see the world.

my talent assures me of greatness, as does a pedigree of some famous artists, but it is what most see as a thick skin and a shear will to continue my art that is the real assurance of greatness.

still, if folks do not buy some art pieces it makes it hard to continue the creation of grand art!

December 26, 2009

Jamesons Paintings & my favorite flavored touch!

all afternoon i drank and painted and had delicious conversation with Tara. i love how these sessions of creating art are like therapy for those who share it with me. a conversation and creation mode of getting to know you again. to see all the new paintings, click on the title as it links to yesterdays running streams of drunk updates.

the last i remember of this episode is sitting in my beloved Republic Cafe` with Tara, reminiscing about so many other nights we spent there smoking and eating the best mandarin chicken. wishing Claire and Cris were with us to make the story a complete memory. i was so drunk that the punks next to us were freakin` on me and the large group behind me were talking sex and flirting with everyone. they were my kind of kinky fun people.

i raise my hand to An Artist's Christmas and the wonderful sense of creation it has left me with. my friends and lovers are all beloved beautiful souls, may we always carry with us that sense of future we believe!

because Tara listened to my Wicked Delicious book stories and she did not flinch at this art, here are a few of my favorite orgasms from the ppp, enjoy!

December 25, 2009

an artist's christmas

emily's mom should be here any minute and so begins the artist's christmas. it was a tradition for myself when i lived in my loft on xmas to get up and have coffee at my favorite shop the Torefazione. then take my camera and wander my beloved rose city and photograph the divine locations. you see, on the holidays the city is devoid of people and cars and as an artist this means i have unfettered access to the history. i always found my self later that evening in chinatown to grub on yummy chinese food. then to the club for cheap beers and throwing ones!

the artists xmas; creation, chinatown, drinks and strippers oh my!!!

December 23, 2009

vanilla vanilla vanilla

the smell of vanilla on a woman is a very intoxicating aroma based on so many times in my past i have loved wonderful ladies. yet the smell always floods so many thoughts and memories. i find it a little ironic today because i feel guilty for not working on the 2nd poetry book more this week, and the 1st one has a lot of vanilla sheets & vanilla skirts!

in fact, this week has been very tough for me to make any forward progress on any of my art. the energy is just not right, hope it doesn't last because i need creativity! though times like these remind me why i have so many different creative media to work with, when the energy stops flowing for one i move on to another. it is a gift of mania to have creativity that flows through many media. what i find the most fascinating is that each art form has so many of the same themes and juxtaposition as they others. this is one of my many styles.

i am also reminded that many times to kick start the creative process i need a cathartic or visceral experience, like a good fuck or a night of debauchery. and so, here we are back at the idea of vanilla women and my 1st poetry book. ah the delicious and the scrumptious divinity of lovers!

December 15, 2009

happy blue days

the day was full of accomplishment and full of joy to find me in the studio painting the edges black of several new canvas'. the very act of painting the edges black is such a mundane and boring task in prep of the real creation moment. yet it is therapy of a sort that helps to focus the mind. i am happy to to feel the softness of the creative moment and the anticipation of the next.

the cadence of this year and its many transitions leads me always to the month of my birth, and a rebirth into a new year. it is never without a moment of pristine power on a somewhat Buddhist note. at once in the last couple of weeks my viral marketing campaign has shown that folks across the country are fans and have nothing but good things to say about my art. it is so very cool to have some one recognize your distinct style and talk of it as you see it.

this is quite the delight to see the fruit of so much focus over the last couple of years. this week has felt like a time of awakening, recognition, and vibrant affirmation that devoting some amount of time each and every day to my art is how i raise it's consciousness beyond just my ever expanding mind. i sometimes need to be reminded that it is very possible to balance my time from esteemed scientist, to single father, to expressive artist and still somewhere in there find time for a social life. yes i sacrifice for my art, which somewhere i have heard is the very measure of an artist. i would rather break it down to some words i love to say, get busy living or get busy dying and since we are all dying since the day we were born, must be living to keep the entropy of movement from forgetting to happen. energy is always about movement and the translation of pure creativity into bliss.

enjoy this scrumptious set of favorites from my 1st fan, the fabulous lily!

December 14, 2009

things that started it all

the things that started it all are great and plentiful. as are the words i use, photographs i take, paintings i paint, people i love and the energy which drives it all. most of all i turn 34 on thursday in a year where i became a 3/4 time single dad, i am happy to forget what has never materialized and i have barely begun to scratch the surface of the greatness inside of me. i want this world to see what i do, to hear why i do it, to watch how if drives me, and to remember it is out of love that i do it.

i create for you because i love myself and know this is one of many gifts i can freely give to you.

enjoy a scrumptious doll and come back again for more!