December 15, 2009

happy blue days

the day was full of accomplishment and full of joy to find me in the studio painting the edges black of several new canvas'. the very act of painting the edges black is such a mundane and boring task in prep of the real creation moment. yet it is therapy of a sort that helps to focus the mind. i am happy to to feel the softness of the creative moment and the anticipation of the next.

the cadence of this year and its many transitions leads me always to the month of my birth, and a rebirth into a new year. it is never without a moment of pristine power on a somewhat Buddhist note. at once in the last couple of weeks my viral marketing campaign has shown that folks across the country are fans and have nothing but good things to say about my art. it is so very cool to have some one recognize your distinct style and talk of it as you see it.

this is quite the delight to see the fruit of so much focus over the last couple of years. this week has felt like a time of awakening, recognition, and vibrant affirmation that devoting some amount of time each and every day to my art is how i raise it's consciousness beyond just my ever expanding mind. i sometimes need to be reminded that it is very possible to balance my time from esteemed scientist, to single father, to expressive artist and still somewhere in there find time for a social life. yes i sacrifice for my art, which somewhere i have heard is the very measure of an artist. i would rather break it down to some words i love to say, get busy living or get busy dying and since we are all dying since the day we were born, must be living to keep the entropy of movement from forgetting to happen. energy is always about movement and the translation of pure creativity into bliss.

enjoy this scrumptious set of favorites from my 1st fan, the fabulous lily!

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