December 26, 2009

Jamesons Paintings & my favorite flavored touch!

all afternoon i drank and painted and had delicious conversation with Tara. i love how these sessions of creating art are like therapy for those who share it with me. a conversation and creation mode of getting to know you again. to see all the new paintings, click on the title as it links to yesterdays running streams of drunk updates.

the last i remember of this episode is sitting in my beloved Republic Cafe` with Tara, reminiscing about so many other nights we spent there smoking and eating the best mandarin chicken. wishing Claire and Cris were with us to make the story a complete memory. i was so drunk that the punks next to us were freakin` on me and the large group behind me were talking sex and flirting with everyone. they were my kind of kinky fun people.

i raise my hand to An Artist's Christmas and the wonderful sense of creation it has left me with. my friends and lovers are all beloved beautiful souls, may we always carry with us that sense of future we believe!

because Tara listened to my Wicked Delicious book stories and she did not flinch at this art, here are a few of my favorite orgasms from the ppp, enjoy!

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