December 28, 2009

the long haul up a vertical hill with a crowd cheering & jeering you

in the last month or so, i have had many interactions with "fans" and folks who know of my art and speak very highly of my talent. i am not one to shy away from them or the critiques that come from detractors. i do have an abundance of talent, and i have a vision for using it. talent though does not translate to success, recognition or money. i have always taken the stance that i am doing this for the long haul and may very well make my way to the end of my life leaving behind a brilliant legacy of art. i can see this because i have a very complex view of my art and at times embrace a subject matter that can be misunderstood as being shallow, but there are so many layers to the onion that are my themes and those layers are a view of my soul and the filters with which i see the world.

my talent assures me of greatness, as does a pedigree of some famous artists, but it is what most see as a thick skin and a shear will to continue my art that is the real assurance of greatness.

still, if folks do not buy some art pieces it makes it hard to continue the creation of grand art!

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