December 23, 2009

vanilla vanilla vanilla

the smell of vanilla on a woman is a very intoxicating aroma based on so many times in my past i have loved wonderful ladies. yet the smell always floods so many thoughts and memories. i find it a little ironic today because i feel guilty for not working on the 2nd poetry book more this week, and the 1st one has a lot of vanilla sheets & vanilla skirts!

in fact, this week has been very tough for me to make any forward progress on any of my art. the energy is just not right, hope it doesn't last because i need creativity! though times like these remind me why i have so many different creative media to work with, when the energy stops flowing for one i move on to another. it is a gift of mania to have creativity that flows through many media. what i find the most fascinating is that each art form has so many of the same themes and juxtaposition as they others. this is one of my many styles.

i am also reminded that many times to kick start the creative process i need a cathartic or visceral experience, like a good fuck or a night of debauchery. and so, here we are back at the idea of vanilla women and my 1st poetry book. ah the delicious and the scrumptious divinity of lovers!

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