December 31, 2010

just say you want too

the prefunk on the eve of the eve
in my favorite neon bar
sitting clean getting sober
one pint of pabst at a time
no social filters are fun
the drugs make it smooth
we are all smiles
talking the most shit about
pasts untold news
its old but funny because
we are loud
then there is a touch
a smile and knees on knees
pressure and the smiles
keep talking and drinking sober
as we flow a set of stories
no way woven at all cohesively
i can see that look
in your eyes
in your touch
this is going to go
somewhere we both want

December 27, 2010

get your own vision ya twat!

going to get up on my pedestal for a moment and pull on your coat about something. imitation is supposed to be the most sincere for of flattery but i think the person who said that had no talent and felt that someone flattering them legitimized there talentless efforts. as an artist with visionary work meticulously thought out in my soul over years, i find the fuckers who copy me to be tacky losers. it is not flattering at all, in fact it is so damn annoying that a couple of them if i ever meet them in person i am going to knock them out. How's that for a punk poet!

you see, i earned my right to be a visionary leader through many years of penance as my father's sherpa and apprentice. i spent many hours in the dark room mastering the nuances of light and how it affect film. over many years i was able to calibrate my eyes to natural light and no longer need a light meter. yes i don't need your tools to photograph with brilliance. i don't need your digital camera that focuses and balances light for you. i do not need your photoshop to produce a beautiful piece of art. you do! without technology you would not even have a chance to compare to me. with it, you can fool the masses but not me! i know where my brilliance comes from and it has been honed through trials and tribulations, so go fuck your technology you talentless copycat!

December 25, 2010

organizational choas and infinite change

the goal in the last week of this year is to take my mental chaos and drive it through the road map of infinite change so i may take advantage of the new year with an organizational foundation that is the platform for growth. i have already set in motion the web presence i have been planning, and i have increased my stake in saving the world. the last few years have been all about creating content, creating the vision of my artistic future, and in this the viral marketing has been ever present at hand. this next year needs is about taking that good will and translating it, expanding its influence and creating the fabric with which it can replicate itself.

December 23, 2010

whoring your way to infamy

i meet so many fascinating and interesting people. sometimes it feels like an artistic version of Gonzo Journalism except they are the ones trying to find the American Dream and i am the way they can whore themselves to infamy.

i chose a long time ago to separate my true self from the persona of my art, but i cannot claim to be completely impervious to the experiences i chronicle. since i do not discriminate for the most part the models who participate, i get a lot of people who model not for the art or the creation but for the chance to be famous, idolized, objectified and even used sexually. i have always chosen to take all comers because i desire to create sublime art from the ordinary and the extraordinary.

December 22, 2010

the climb to the next plateau begins

i have had a few stellar days over the last week in light of feeling so far down the rabbit hole. i won, i pushed the next phase of development into the light of day, i was rewarded with money, and now i am free to make art and hang out with my awesome daughter for the next 4 days. there always seems to be a new accent that starts after the silly season that is the Fall for me. my day of celebration comes around and i begin the good work again to make that progress me as a sag artist needs. forward progress began a few days ago, and this next year i will take this infamy and create someone grand with it.

i love luscious women who have character and exude the energy of eros. this makes me want to shoot and create and really crank these visionary boundary erotica works of art into the world.

December 21, 2010

that place you know and the girl you wonder

everyday i roll by an apartment complex i have history with. one i know to be infested with meth addicts, whores and tweakers. when the bus stops in front of this place, i always make a mental comment and look over the person to assess their user status. there is this gal who gets on in the morning. every time i see her with her regal nose and gorgeous brown hair, the curious acne and pock marks on her cheeks, i wonder...

she wore a elegant red coat and white gloves this am, carrying a couple of bags. she is obviously a professional of some sort. a regal air about her in this sort of dispassionate way. she did not look at me, but maybe could tell i was gazing. she fumbled with opening some christmas cards, reading so intently. i could see right then in her milky eyes all that haunting hurt. look at me and i will smile. be happy gorgeous i can see the beauty in you and i know what you do in that apartment, i've been there before.

December 20, 2010

fuck the bozos

fuck the bozos is the battle cry of the rebel rousing doctrine. a description of the fuckwads who we all have to interact with in this world who have nothing going in there lives. sometimes modern medicine is not worth the fact it allows idiots to breed.

chaos entropy energy --> love live smile

December 16, 2010

you are the comfort strangers cannot provide

it was a little over a year ago
when the world of networking and
my viral marketing reached you
my number one fan
my best friend through out a year
where i can say in some way
i ended it worse than i started it
or in the same damn spot
there is no real difference
for the likes of me
as i need definitive forward progress

you are the comfort
strangers cannot provide
on this eve
before the day i celebrate
i see you smiling at me
in your schoolgirl way
all shy and sprite
you and i are about
more than just fucking
more than just words
smiles and giggling under sheets
till the wee hours of the morning
its the comfort
all the comfort you bring
that strangers cannot provide

i know you are the radder
i know you love me
i may not deserve it
though i appreciate
all the comfort you bring
you make me smile
i am sunshine tarnished
or so this year has proven
all those missteps
i can never take back
then there is you
smiling at me
under the sheets
your skin and my touch
our lips together
you are the comfort
strangers cannot provide
for that i am thankful

December 13, 2010

go piss yourself!

tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this blog and really marks another transition in my artistic pursuits. it fully reflects my daily dedication to it like no other time in my life, something i learned by reading my hero's journals, Jack Kerouac.

this blog also gave me an opportunity to explore and express the life i have lived through over this last year and the previous four. it makes me a little sad though after to have spent the year doing so much more but feel like i am just starting at it all over again. this emo you perpetuate is so exhausting yet a fuel for creativity.

December 11, 2010

the surreal in your sublime

i don't take to many naps but did yesterday and was jolted awake by the touch of someone pushing on my thigh just above my knee. there was no one there! it felt like a cat puts its paws on me but it was stronger than that, felt like a push and then i was jolted awake to no one there and nothing important to do.

i have been having a lot of vivid profound dreams about conflict and things i never remember 5 minutes after i wake up. they are chaotic turmoil dreams that reflect my need to break through to a new plateau. if i cannot come to grips with them and learn the message they have, i will never be able to break through my walls that hold me back.

from the wicked bizarre

there are always these few shake your head experiences where in the midst of chaotic happenings we experience something profound. or at the very least expansive.

yesterday from the morning till the evening, every street light i walked up to never turned to the green hand. the red hand for stop was always present in every direction at a corner, on every street, no matter if the the car portion was green or red.

and everyone just stood around waiting as if the universe had stopped functioning.

each time i stood baffled for a moment as i watched and then moved across the street. then last night, after having a puff and a few beers the lights all functioned fine. surreal!

December 8, 2010

introducing the delicious scarlett

this is miss scarlet storm, one of the most awesome burlesque performers and just a fantastic doll. she has some super admirers who have asked for this blog.

i get this often for some of my most amazing models, the ones that are beautiful, talented and full of debauchery.

all of my favorite qualities in life! its fantastic to be me and get to meet all these wonderful people. keeps things from being boring or too square.

December 5, 2010

its a little kinky when she strokes it like you

a little kink because you like it.

this was one of my fav shoots because when she walked out wearing this i was a bit surprised.

i realized she handled it just like i would if i were getting off.

December 4, 2010

not always fit for emo

i am ready i am ready
for this revolution to begin
this revolution in me
a chemical evolution
is not always fit
for public consumption
for viral appeal
for the likes of you and me

i will wait for you to escape from hell
if i have to come to get you
i will
there is not enough beauty
in this world except when you smile love
so do it
i will not forget
you are what love is made for

but we cannot begin
until the shutter clicks
and there is no end
to the joy we will bring
you and i are something more
something more than we can sing
it is all there is
but time and the beginning
of what our kisses can mean
you are this hue i desire
i desire to taste that which is you
in the mix of acrylics
the canvas begins
to grow something beyond itself
and there, there is where we will find
our dreams that become

December 2, 2010

even when your emo . i love you

i love your letters
so simple and so true
they are just as beautiful as you
i love you
even when you are emo
even when you are true
to that chemical imbalance
that make you you
welcome to the mania
is what you shout
when you are drunkard
and feeling kind of stout
i think you are so funny
and so very cool
i created a word
that describes only you
its called the fucking radder
and you know that you are
it makes me want to fuck you
but that would make me a whore

i am the radder
and you know this is true
but when we are together
i get so silent too
its lovely when you are a drunkard
the punk poet too
you make me feel so happy
what can i do for you
but say this very thing
to you
i promise so much
and you know i am true to
the word like it is a devil
this end is me and you
wrapped in sheets of leather
when the warmth is a sweat factory
and the cum is on our fingers
and in your hair

its so obvious you love me
i hope you feel the same
can see the same in me
that is tomorrow never comes
i will be emo and sad
to forget why we never left this state
of perpetual bliss
with cum on your lips
its just the other side of the border anyway
where there is nothing holding anyone back
i know i am brilliant
you know you love the brilliance
its like a juxtaposition of divinity
where the whore in me
loves the whore in you
when i pull your hair
and you silent scream
the look on your face
makes me want to fuck you hard
till you beg me to stop
again and again
i am the whore
the dirty little whore
you always want me to to be
i know it makes you wet
to touch you there
and over here
i see you squirm in this mission
i have to see the end of pleasure
in your eyes and beyond
i love you my dear
even when you are emo