January 31, 2010

hello anne . i think i want to see you again

she showed up out of the blue, one random night i went to pursue someone else. this flower of punk and sass served me beers and came crashing to me when i asked her to model for me. she showed up sat. a little late but sweet and excited to shoot. it was clear she came looking like betty page but not sure what to do next.

here are a few of her fabulous session . . .

yes, i hope i see you again soon.

January 23, 2010

the inspiration of divine lusciousness

i had a couple of first timers in the studio last night. they did well and had a good presence for newbies, but this is just the truth, some have natural expressive abilities, some can work at it or acquire it, others need it coaxed out and a few have nothing at all.

a motivation of the divine inspiration was exposed to the air via the breadth of a woman who upon staring at my paintings visioned the root inspiration and portrayal of my expressive theme. i always have a couple of images in my head when i am painting or writing. they come through as layers, and though i do not doubt others see it, i am always struck by those who say it out loud, smile and find it is a yummy thought.

the more experienced model, Aimee, today had all the scrumptious qualities of a gorgeous woman. i love that she came to celebrate her beloved Portland, my beloved Rose City. she and i had scandalous synergy! i love that . . .

i am exhausted, but still bday festivities to be had.

January 18, 2010

an unedited sampling of Chasing Skirt

because i seem to be firing on all cylinders since my birthday in December, i wanted to share a couple of unedited poems from my upcoming second poetry book Chasing Skirt.

tiny retro curves in the punk inked style
one last lunch with Virginia over greasy burgers and dark pints of beer
it’s vintage here with orange glow globes and scratched mahogany panels
the photography is black and white from the roaring twenties
when my flapper girls gave a roaring night to any accommodating kat
it’s almost time to say goodnight
my sweet Virginia if we could only extend our stay just a few more days
we could have a little fun and one more lunch to remember it all by

deleted financials are the results of fun & mania
when control is left to a whim and the whim is
fantastically evasive

i speak this as a means to control
which as we all know, costs entropy

honies' and the like an evening of drink, drugs and the potential of sex
is the ignition of mania where chasing skirt
is the name of the game
catch and release the preferred methodology
so i can shag a new doll tomorrow
and they declare it an at of womanizing - the antics of an appreciative devotee of women
who loves to pleasure the sacred
the artist is emotional connection
the ultimate gift of companionship
is the pleasure we all know
it is not always sexual but it is always intimate
energy is the currency of both

copyright Sunshine Ink 2010!

January 16, 2010

a story of joy & sunshine! part 1

Photography by D Fitti.

I was stoked to be leaving the loft on such a fine day, as I had been inside working on a set of prints that had been quite frustrating to get done. We were dutifully ripped and in a chipper mood as we headed up Flanders, immediately finding a yellow paint line dripped on the sidewalk by some artist. It was like the yellow brick road, but only a yellow line. Our engaged minds we intrigued and we set out to follow it till we could find out where it started or stopped. Azure kept saying, “ yeah yeah look it goes here without breaking the line. He must have cut the bottom of a paint can.” I interject, yeah it sure would be hard to squeeze it out of an acrylic bottle as consistently.”

We headed up Flanders past 13th, peered to our right at the purveyors of the Rogue Brew Pub, and at 14th found that we had our first nexus of the yellow line. At the corner of 14th and NW Flanders, the yellow line went in two different directions, completely opposite from each other. Azure looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said yeah yeah, this guy is trying to get us twisted. It was flowing up and now cannot possibly go in two opposite directions, yet it does.” I laugh because this is true, and which way do we go. Two blocks from my loft is the nexus of the known yellow line universe, and I didn’t even know- better yet, how could it be true. The painter had to be moving in one direction only. I relay this to azure who in his fashion goes, “yeah yeah, see he spun around this poll and is flinging the yellow acrylic in the direction.”

“Yeah, it’s the only way it would spread out like that, so he must be going this way, up 14th.”

Azure by now is practically jumping to walk that way at a good pace. I just follow smiling and chuckling to myself. “The known nexus of the yellow line universe is two blocks from my studio.”

January 12, 2010

the coolest fan tribute

Manic Rose City is a visual tour de force, at least i always felt it was a special start to my poetry publications. My first book published in 2006 on April 20th, about 8 months after my daughter was born. it represented a 3 & 1/2 year span of my life where my artists life took hold of a dream and began to cultivate a brilliant vision of the future. i write from experience and with flair!

a recent fan of mine read that book and had her world tipped upside down. she explains to me that i awoke in her a component she had forgotten and that she just smiles at knowing the wonderful feelings that race through her. it was like i pulled her creativity out of her and stroked it. she then chooses a poem that she identifies with greatly and had it tattooed on her hands so she remembers to live and i remember to continue to create art for the masses!!!

Wanton Muse

three hours and i left you to him,
three hours of sleep i stole away
i wanted to stay
your vibrant energy flowing sensual
a sparkle upon every fiber
i trembled with joy
a soft voice in the darkness
reach out and touch me
i feel you everywhere,
your warmth and joy like a
healing blanket laid upon my wounds
you, my muse
a delicate flower so bold
with your twisted spirit
i know you seek praise,
and a calm pool to cleanse
so confident yet undefined
time spent priming a pump
three hours of sensual play
on the corner of your bed
on the floor – i leave you primed for him,
three hours, and i am in the back of a cab
urban smoke my muse its 3 a.m.
i feel you like pin pricks along my skin
three hours of sleep
and i still feel your sensuality

Copyright Sunshine Ink and published in Manic Rose City, 2006.

January 11, 2010

black & white is art, color is porn

i started in black and white film . . . dabbled in color film growing up and then moved exclusively to film. bought a digital a few years ago after swearing that color was porn & yet all i can believe in is the emotional content of black and white

everything else is just what the eye sees!

January 10, 2010

i want them all

i love the comfort of strangers for only in that anonymity can you truly be who you are. now my friend Malia, is not a stranger but when we ended up at the Belmont Inn after sushi i was certain i would find that comfort again.

this evening i was flush from the night before with Teri at the Slammer where the success of recruiting Anna and getting to spend an evening drinking with Teri and her friends imbued me with an exploding confidence and happiness. in this evening Malia did the recruiting for me and nabbed another sexy tattooed bartender in Rascal Johnson, who was giddy and wanted to bring me friends. i was grilled for the ever expounding answers to questions from Malia.

the initial question is one i get very very frequently in how do you get the dolls to take off their clothes for you? i usually quip with a smart answer like i ask nicely. tonight though i felt like talking about the process and the reasons why. i have found over the years that recruiting for my art books is as much about mental attitude as it is sensing that a woman wants to be desired. i started shooting nudes as a means of comparing myself to the master's before me. it is imperative that a great artist has a body of work that can be directly compared to other great artists and then a body of work that is unique and pioneering!

for me nudes is the comparative body and my night photography is the pioneering. so herein lies the first question, how do you get beautiful women to take their clothes off for you. the answer is very dependent on the women i am trying to recruit. first, i am always polite, very focused on the art, very complimentary of them, i ask simple question like are you interested in modeling. it helps nowadays to have a vast body of work to show and people who will vouch for me. but based on their answers to my simple questions you can sprinkle a little flirtation, bravado, assurance and compliments. when in doubt always refer back to the work and the merits therein. and rest assured no matter what she says just believe she will say yes and if she does not hand her a card to think about it and try again for another.

it is like pursuing women for other pleasures, i want to shoot all the beautiful women who will model for me, all of them!!!

January 9, 2010

always recruiting

Kelly's Olympian

i just love how an innocent let's get a beer after work, oops we ran into Monroe, the roller derby Queen ends up in the Slammer with fabulous pals drinking, flirting, watching, and yes recruiting the most gorgeous talent. on top of that i had several surreal moments of honesty, expression, and hope.

The Slammer

Anna, the prized recruit . . . Dusty should have stuck around to watch but god bless his punk heart for going to the strip club for dolls!!!

i will expound on more but i am off to sushi with Malia & more debauchery!

January 7, 2010

saturation skin & words that runs wild through the mind

saturation skin to skin

no, today belongs not to me
but a useless energy, restless
wet sidewalks dreary clouds
with gray scale skies
you, i saw you smile
warm like a red wine
euphoric drunk
bare skin touch
me, a sensual endeavor saturated with desire
play for the self-aware
a dream unrealized
skin to skin
we, commingle in the dark
latent excitation
two brazen dreams fulfilled
no, today belongs to saturation
energy useless to me
a sensual endeavor
just to stay sane
intoxication to sleep
sleep to wake again

first published in Manic Rose City, 2006 copyright Sunshine Ink

saturation skin to skin reprise

will you dance with me she asked
as we pass in the hall
a whiff of her erotic scent grabs my sensual antenna’s
i can taste her pheromones on my tongue
that delicious anticipation of
saturation skin to skin
you make my kitty purr she whispered in my ear
the scent of flirtatious words fill the small space between us
the heat is so generous
that her warmth is a sultry magnet for me
a delicious compass that leads to
saturation skin to skin
I am hot as hell today she said as she threw herself on the velvet couch
the pink puma glistening as she slowly pulled her skirt up
a delicious smile &
craving lust in her eyes
beautiful green to swim my way to
saturation skin to skin
you are so naughty she whispered in my ear
as I leaned down to kiss her cheek
she led my hand to her inner thigh where her puma juices dripped from anticipation of the pleasure I had created in her mind
of saturation skin to skin

I want you to read me that poem again she smiles
its like tantric nudges that lead to pure delicious delight
after diner cosmos that keep you winking for the opportunity to lick your lips, moan and wail for saturation skin to skin
I had flashbacks to your sexiness she whispered
as if you were beside me she said
a frame of red lights in dark rooms drink & smoking sultry tunes
all the anticipation you bring of saturation skin to skin

I want to feel again how intensely you make me orgasm & spasm
my muscles clenched in yum yum ecstasy of the scrumptious saturation skin to skin

hours later I could still smell her on me
that perfume of debauchery is
saturation skin to skin

set for publication in Chasing Skirt, 2010 copyright Sunshine Ink

photography is of porn star No Name Jane from upcoming publication Wicked Delicious!

January 3, 2010

a tribute to Jonney the Frog who created the iconic image of the Fresch Klesch

The Official Beginning: The Fresch Klesch & Run DMC

The official story goes a little something like this…The first time The Fresch Klesch stood to read his poetry for Manic Rose City at the Mad Hatter Noir Lounge in Portland OR. The story goes that he leaned over to the sax man and said play something sultry! As he stepped up to the mic and with slurred speech he said I am The Fresch Klesch, fabled 4th member of Run DMC - kicked out of the band for being to white & dropping to many mad scientific rhymes! Just as the back of the roam launched into an uproar the sax blew that first melancholy tune and he read a passionate verbose set of poems of artists drugs and sex.

The Fresch Klesch stood there with his characteristic ‘power’ hat, blue glasses, unique Adidas deisler jacket with a 1984 futboling champion’s patch as an emblem and the infamous three-white striped samba’s that graced his feet. He made those so popular in the hipster bohemian punk nightlife of Portland that he had to start wearing white ones just to stay different!

The Unofficial Beginning: Less Poetic License

Born of an unmediated manic-depressive mother, and recovering catholic father who is a classical black and white nature photographer. His father taught him the ways of the camera and darkroom at the age of 7, and from that early age gravitated towards the study of people and faces. He shot intensely as a kid until he turned 10 when he was introduced to poetry and bohemian coffee shops by his grandmother who passed on her love of Emily Dickinson and Dylan Thomas, both of which he is related too. He shot sporadically through school where he earned a BS and MS in applied chemistry. An inventor and entrepreneur, TFK has pioneered product development in the realm of environmental & energy management. It was in the summer of 2000 that a trip to a coffee shop ignited an artistic vision!

because Captain Sohler always takes the best photographs of me