January 12, 2010

the coolest fan tribute

Manic Rose City is a visual tour de force, at least i always felt it was a special start to my poetry publications. My first book published in 2006 on April 20th, about 8 months after my daughter was born. it represented a 3 & 1/2 year span of my life where my artists life took hold of a dream and began to cultivate a brilliant vision of the future. i write from experience and with flair!

a recent fan of mine read that book and had her world tipped upside down. she explains to me that i awoke in her a component she had forgotten and that she just smiles at knowing the wonderful feelings that race through her. it was like i pulled her creativity out of her and stroked it. she then chooses a poem that she identifies with greatly and had it tattooed on her hands so she remembers to live and i remember to continue to create art for the masses!!!

Wanton Muse

three hours and i left you to him,
three hours of sleep i stole away
i wanted to stay
your vibrant energy flowing sensual
a sparkle upon every fiber
i trembled with joy
a soft voice in the darkness
reach out and touch me
i feel you everywhere,
your warmth and joy like a
healing blanket laid upon my wounds
you, my muse
a delicate flower so bold
with your twisted spirit
i know you seek praise,
and a calm pool to cleanse
so confident yet undefined
time spent priming a pump
three hours of sensual play
on the corner of your bed
on the floor – i leave you primed for him,
three hours, and i am in the back of a cab
urban smoke my muse its 3 a.m.
i feel you like pin pricks along my skin
three hours of sleep
and i still feel your sensuality

Copyright Sunshine Ink and published in Manic Rose City, 2006.

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