January 10, 2010

i want them all

i love the comfort of strangers for only in that anonymity can you truly be who you are. now my friend Malia, is not a stranger but when we ended up at the Belmont Inn after sushi i was certain i would find that comfort again.

this evening i was flush from the night before with Teri at the Slammer where the success of recruiting Anna and getting to spend an evening drinking with Teri and her friends imbued me with an exploding confidence and happiness. in this evening Malia did the recruiting for me and nabbed another sexy tattooed bartender in Rascal Johnson, who was giddy and wanted to bring me friends. i was grilled for the ever expounding answers to questions from Malia.

the initial question is one i get very very frequently in how do you get the dolls to take off their clothes for you? i usually quip with a smart answer like i ask nicely. tonight though i felt like talking about the process and the reasons why. i have found over the years that recruiting for my art books is as much about mental attitude as it is sensing that a woman wants to be desired. i started shooting nudes as a means of comparing myself to the master's before me. it is imperative that a great artist has a body of work that can be directly compared to other great artists and then a body of work that is unique and pioneering!

for me nudes is the comparative body and my night photography is the pioneering. so herein lies the first question, how do you get beautiful women to take their clothes off for you. the answer is very dependent on the women i am trying to recruit. first, i am always polite, very focused on the art, very complimentary of them, i ask simple question like are you interested in modeling. it helps nowadays to have a vast body of work to show and people who will vouch for me. but based on their answers to my simple questions you can sprinkle a little flirtation, bravado, assurance and compliments. when in doubt always refer back to the work and the merits therein. and rest assured no matter what she says just believe she will say yes and if she does not hand her a card to think about it and try again for another.

it is like pursuing women for other pleasures, i want to shoot all the beautiful women who will model for me, all of them!!!

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