January 23, 2010

the inspiration of divine lusciousness

i had a couple of first timers in the studio last night. they did well and had a good presence for newbies, but this is just the truth, some have natural expressive abilities, some can work at it or acquire it, others need it coaxed out and a few have nothing at all.

a motivation of the divine inspiration was exposed to the air via the breadth of a woman who upon staring at my paintings visioned the root inspiration and portrayal of my expressive theme. i always have a couple of images in my head when i am painting or writing. they come through as layers, and though i do not doubt others see it, i am always struck by those who say it out loud, smile and find it is a yummy thought.

the more experienced model, Aimee, today had all the scrumptious qualities of a gorgeous woman. i love that she came to celebrate her beloved Portland, my beloved Rose City. she and i had scandalous synergy! i love that . . .

i am exhausted, but still bday festivities to be had.

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