January 7, 2010

saturation skin & words that runs wild through the mind

saturation skin to skin

no, today belongs not to me
but a useless energy, restless
wet sidewalks dreary clouds
with gray scale skies
you, i saw you smile
warm like a red wine
euphoric drunk
bare skin touch
me, a sensual endeavor saturated with desire
play for the self-aware
a dream unrealized
skin to skin
we, commingle in the dark
latent excitation
two brazen dreams fulfilled
no, today belongs to saturation
energy useless to me
a sensual endeavor
just to stay sane
intoxication to sleep
sleep to wake again

first published in Manic Rose City, 2006 copyright Sunshine Ink

saturation skin to skin reprise

will you dance with me she asked
as we pass in the hall
a whiff of her erotic scent grabs my sensual antenna’s
i can taste her pheromones on my tongue
that delicious anticipation of
saturation skin to skin
you make my kitty purr she whispered in my ear
the scent of flirtatious words fill the small space between us
the heat is so generous
that her warmth is a sultry magnet for me
a delicious compass that leads to
saturation skin to skin
I am hot as hell today she said as she threw herself on the velvet couch
the pink puma glistening as she slowly pulled her skirt up
a delicious smile &
craving lust in her eyes
beautiful green to swim my way to
saturation skin to skin
you are so naughty she whispered in my ear
as I leaned down to kiss her cheek
she led my hand to her inner thigh where her puma juices dripped from anticipation of the pleasure I had created in her mind
of saturation skin to skin

I want you to read me that poem again she smiles
its like tantric nudges that lead to pure delicious delight
after diner cosmos that keep you winking for the opportunity to lick your lips, moan and wail for saturation skin to skin
I had flashbacks to your sexiness she whispered
as if you were beside me she said
a frame of red lights in dark rooms drink & smoking sultry tunes
all the anticipation you bring of saturation skin to skin

I want to feel again how intensely you make me orgasm & spasm
my muscles clenched in yum yum ecstasy of the scrumptious saturation skin to skin

hours later I could still smell her on me
that perfume of debauchery is
saturation skin to skin

set for publication in Chasing Skirt, 2010 copyright Sunshine Ink

photography is of porn star No Name Jane from upcoming publication Wicked Delicious!

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