January 16, 2010

a story of joy & sunshine! part 1

Photography by D Fitti.

I was stoked to be leaving the loft on such a fine day, as I had been inside working on a set of prints that had been quite frustrating to get done. We were dutifully ripped and in a chipper mood as we headed up Flanders, immediately finding a yellow paint line dripped on the sidewalk by some artist. It was like the yellow brick road, but only a yellow line. Our engaged minds we intrigued and we set out to follow it till we could find out where it started or stopped. Azure kept saying, “ yeah yeah look it goes here without breaking the line. He must have cut the bottom of a paint can.” I interject, yeah it sure would be hard to squeeze it out of an acrylic bottle as consistently.”

We headed up Flanders past 13th, peered to our right at the purveyors of the Rogue Brew Pub, and at 14th found that we had our first nexus of the yellow line. At the corner of 14th and NW Flanders, the yellow line went in two different directions, completely opposite from each other. Azure looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said yeah yeah, this guy is trying to get us twisted. It was flowing up and now cannot possibly go in two opposite directions, yet it does.” I laugh because this is true, and which way do we go. Two blocks from my loft is the nexus of the known yellow line universe, and I didn’t even know- better yet, how could it be true. The painter had to be moving in one direction only. I relay this to azure who in his fashion goes, “yeah yeah, see he spun around this poll and is flinging the yellow acrylic in the direction.”

“Yeah, it’s the only way it would spread out like that, so he must be going this way, up 14th.”

Azure by now is practically jumping to walk that way at a good pace. I just follow smiling and chuckling to myself. “The known nexus of the yellow line universe is two blocks from my studio.”

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