January 3, 2010

a tribute to Jonney the Frog who created the iconic image of the Fresch Klesch

The Official Beginning: The Fresch Klesch & Run DMC

The official story goes a little something like this…The first time The Fresch Klesch stood to read his poetry for Manic Rose City at the Mad Hatter Noir Lounge in Portland OR. The story goes that he leaned over to the sax man and said play something sultry! As he stepped up to the mic and with slurred speech he said I am The Fresch Klesch, fabled 4th member of Run DMC - kicked out of the band for being to white & dropping to many mad scientific rhymes! Just as the back of the roam launched into an uproar the sax blew that first melancholy tune and he read a passionate verbose set of poems of artists drugs and sex.

The Fresch Klesch stood there with his characteristic ‘power’ hat, blue glasses, unique Adidas deisler jacket with a 1984 futboling champion’s patch as an emblem and the infamous three-white striped samba’s that graced his feet. He made those so popular in the hipster bohemian punk nightlife of Portland that he had to start wearing white ones just to stay different!

The Unofficial Beginning: Less Poetic License

Born of an unmediated manic-depressive mother, and recovering catholic father who is a classical black and white nature photographer. His father taught him the ways of the camera and darkroom at the age of 7, and from that early age gravitated towards the study of people and faces. He shot intensely as a kid until he turned 10 when he was introduced to poetry and bohemian coffee shops by his grandmother who passed on her love of Emily Dickinson and Dylan Thomas, both of which he is related too. He shot sporadically through school where he earned a BS and MS in applied chemistry. An inventor and entrepreneur, TFK has pioneered product development in the realm of environmental & energy management. It was in the summer of 2000 that a trip to a coffee shop ignited an artistic vision!

because Captain Sohler always takes the best photographs of me

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