January 18, 2010

an unedited sampling of Chasing Skirt

because i seem to be firing on all cylinders since my birthday in December, i wanted to share a couple of unedited poems from my upcoming second poetry book Chasing Skirt.

tiny retro curves in the punk inked style
one last lunch with Virginia over greasy burgers and dark pints of beer
it’s vintage here with orange glow globes and scratched mahogany panels
the photography is black and white from the roaring twenties
when my flapper girls gave a roaring night to any accommodating kat
it’s almost time to say goodnight
my sweet Virginia if we could only extend our stay just a few more days
we could have a little fun and one more lunch to remember it all by

deleted financials are the results of fun & mania
when control is left to a whim and the whim is
fantastically evasive

i speak this as a means to control
which as we all know, costs entropy

honies' and the like an evening of drink, drugs and the potential of sex
is the ignition of mania where chasing skirt
is the name of the game
catch and release the preferred methodology
so i can shag a new doll tomorrow
and they declare it an at of womanizing - the antics of an appreciative devotee of women
who loves to pleasure the sacred
the artist is emotional connection
the ultimate gift of companionship
is the pleasure we all know
it is not always sexual but it is always intimate
energy is the currency of both

copyright Sunshine Ink 2010!

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