February 21, 2010

because, it all began to change on my birthday each day stronger until . . .

there are times in ones life when they just reach for the whisper that the winds can bring. time elapses for the very reason that we participate and sometimes create something from just an idea.

first poem of 2010.

it's late February with the early spring sun
emily is playing in the yard
i am sitting at the table staring at tree's that still have no leaves
i feel so alone here
the birds are singing their love song to spring
i wish you were here so i could sing my love song to you
the girls playing and giggling
this sun is nice and warm for late February
so much hope at the start of spring
emily keeps bringing me leaves from the rhodi in the garden
her gorgeous blue eyes are glowing in the sun
so much wonder and awe
how gently we are in this silence
my soul longs to express for you
i keep thinking their is redemption in that expression
for me it is the release of love so long bottled and beaten back from neglect
for you it is the acceptance of love so long withheld from cruel lovers
i want your hand to hold mine and your heart to fill with a love for all the ages
this overflowing bounty that is the story of us
redemption is ours for the taking
as am i for the action and refrain - you only need to show me your heart is open and you desire the capacity to express the deep capacity of your heart bursting with love
i seek only a way to express my grand love for life and a safe place to seek refuge from the cruel world that sucks my positive energy
emily is sitting next to me now in this warm sun
she wants me to read her this poem and write more about her beautiful eyes
she says its nice to love someone - you feel so nice
the sun feels wonderful in this late February moment
listening to the birds sing their love song to spring
i wish you were here next to me in this warmth
the girls singing in the yard, playing and giggling
such hope in this spring day
i want to sing a love song to you that warms your soul

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