February 24, 2010

fairy tales & the stars are the stuff of storybooks

I was struggling with this in the willyweek; is it talking about me or too me? fairy tales or story books are the lasting impressions we all learn. i like to aim high to be happy with where i end. so i like to dream of the future and learn from the past.

endeaver to be further. realize you are worthy. and then enjoy what transpires

"More than a few fairy tales feature the theme of characters who accidentally find a treasure. They're not searching for treasure, don't feel worthy of it, and aren't fully prepared for it. They may initially not even know what they're looking at, and see it as preposterous or abnormal or disquieting. Who could blame them if they ran away from the treasure? In order to recognize and claim it, they might have to shed a number of their assumptions about the way the world works. And they might have to clear up a discrepancy between their unconscious longings and their conscious intentions." free will astrology

i will always believe in the future with hope and smiles.!

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