February 27, 2010

the Slammer . Annabelle & Azure

spent the bulk of the night of debauchery at the Slammer Tavern with Azure who I have not seen in years. it is awesome to be able to connect with a dear friend like the passage of time has not eroded the connection. we were fed beers by the dear sweet Annabelle & engaged in dialogue by the owner Lizzie. This is one of the best dive bars in Portland & Lizzie is a self made owner of awesomeness.

Annabelle oh Annabelle . do you know that your sweet and beautiful face is only a small part of the enjoyment of being around you.

as the night moved on Azure and I were rebel rousing through the rose city, drunk & laughing as we explored. we were looking for the new source for my twisted revolution. Azure can see in the recent model work that i am bored. he thinks i need to take a fresch take on the pinup theme of old with my post modern twisted work that has texture and backgrounds that are a modern enhancement. i am not sure how this challenge will percolate through my mind and into my art, but it certainly will transpire.

Jamesons neat on a light table in a red background of contrasting brick. this was the end of the night for Azure & i. the gold torso is my favorite brick front building. cobblestone cobblestone brick beauty.

this blog is brought to you by the fresch klesch's iphone, Azure & fueled by alcohol!

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