February 5, 2010

a story of joy & sunshine! part 2

“Azure chimes in, yeah, this is what I love about environmental pop-art like this. Its like the spray-painted stencil designs you see on corners. Just to make the everyday 9-5 guy think a little more. I love this shit. Makes your mind explode on the possibilities.”

“Kind of like tags, and graffiti. Political statements, youthful unrest…”

“yeah but this makes your mind expand, most graffiti is done by a suburban punk white rich kid who is bored with his mom and dad’s money.

“Now that is blasphemy that I would spout.” And off we walk following the yellow line up 14th, Azure is the same crazy as me.

The yellow line at each corner would do a loop around the light post, as if the artist was spinning around the pole. There would be a splatter pattern as they stood waiting for the light. We figured they did it at night, but this suggested daytime to have to wait for lights to turn. Maybe there would be an occasional car at night, but no one has perfect timing at a corner to always have to wait. It was fund to think of these deliberate motives the artist had in creating this yellow brick road. Azure and I were obviously being led somewhere on some trek. We both thought it a ball, and being happily engaged in our brains, we relished the sport of following the rabbit trail.

Our next excitement came at NW couch st. where the yellow line took an abrupt right to cross the 405 freeway and officially head out of the Pearl district. I made this comment as Azure and I stood smoking a cigarette waiting to cross the freeway exit traffic onto 16th. Azure pointed at the paint splatter on the edge of the sidewalk that slope to the roadway for the handicapped. It was as if the artist shook the can a bit waiting to crass as we were. They had done their customary twirl around the pole and stopped to cross the street. The light turned and off we went again quite eager to see where it led us next. As we were heading up 16th, a one-way street the opposite direction from 14th, I think we were heading north. The yellow line got faint at some spots over the next two to three blocks. As if the can were getting empty, but soon we found it heavy and steady again as we came up upon Everett st. At the corner of Everett was another nexus of the yellow line. We could go left or right back into the Pearl. We chose to go left because up till then it felt like we were following the line backwards. The stroke of the paint splatter always looked like the Artist as walking the opposite the way we were, so by going left we were presumably heading towards its origin.

We walked a block up Everett, and found that the yellow line circled back towards itself in the street in front of parking spot, in front of a house. Here we had to have a source since it just stopped, and there appeared to be several blotched of concentrated yellow acrylic paint. Azure was looking around to see if he could find any other trace when I turned around and looked at the house in which an artist had to park there car before embarking on their yellow brick road making.

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