February 9, 2010

a story of joy & sunshine! part 3

I choked out a laugh, as I stared at the white pale house, number ????, which always had a for rent sign out for a small amount of time, then didn’t, then did again. Azure was starting to back track on the yellow line towards our last nexus, saying he had found a new paint line that originate about fifteen feet from the car, in the street.

“Hey, you know that house right there where it started. That’s the house I told you about that has the sign ‘for rent’ out a lot then not, like the renter keeps killing his tenants and doing some crazy shit to their bodies.”
“Yeah yeah, weird man. What do you think he is doin?”

“I don’t know, but it always feels weird to walk by this house. Its white for Christ sake.”

Back at the nexus, we head east down Everett, back across the 405 and into my beloved Pearl district. I have been here almost 4 years and am still in love with its energy and vibe. Thought the vibe is slowly starting to kill me as it changes, this place will always be my city. We soon found ourselves back at the original nexus two blocks from the loft. It had come full circle, which mean the original way we went was the starting section and the artist had actually turned right down Flanders towards my loft as we turned left to go the same direction. “Azure, this means that at some point the artist picks up the yellow line therefore breaking its continuous nature…”

“Or they doubled back on themselves, and hence could have a tri-point nexus that lead to both the beginning and the end of the journey.”

“At the front porch of ???? NW Everett, the house people die to live in.”

“Like the alpha and the omega.”

“Hey, there is this house up on 21st, just a couple of blocks off of Burnside that has cargo freight trucks in the yard”

“Yeah Yeah, I showed you that one. They are definitely up to no good.”

“That’s right you showed me that one, right there in the heart of it all. How can no one see what is happening?”

“Do you think its meth cooking, or pot growing?”

“Both with Mercedes in the driveway.”

“Maybe it’s the Feds, or terrorists.”

We were now at the corner of 13th and Flanders, in from of the doorway to PICA’s Landmark art exhibit, the old Reed/Harris print building, and the yellow line showed signs of origination, scattered splatters, and two trails. One led back towards my loft, and the other crossed Flanders and headed north up 13th. I had seen the yellow line in front of my balcony, and even followed it on some parts as it went up 11th towards Burnside st. It always seemed like a funny little yellow brick road game. Here I was with Azure, on a fine night chasing the yellow line to its origins.

We followed it up 13th a black, and down Glisan towards the other side of the McKenzie Building, and back to where we first caught it outside the side door under my balcony. Funny how it goes full circle for us, back to our starting point. We followed it up 11th towards Burnside, and finally lost our interest as we headed past Powells books.

Azure piped up just then,” want to get a beer at the tugboat. Its Sunday after all.”

I responded with a quick, “Yeah yeah” and off we went to the park blocks and across Burnside.” Right as we were walking up past one of the little brick outhouses, down the street came Jonney the Fish with a big old smile. Perfect!

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