February 19, 2010

the unified theory of love

First published in Manic Rose City, copyright Sunshine Ink 2006.

unified theory

thence nothing whatsoever
lest we find ourselves alone
head gone mad from the subtle erotic explosions
how often is it that we fall?
after so long in perfect strides
perchance her wanton ado
left perilous melancholy
oh hadst our goblet glee
never damn your haste to love
for where is a gift lost before bestowed –
that beautiful bounty which comforts pleasure and leaves us feeling whole
a penchant for the divine walking verbose –
we never tire of being close
how often can one call her amor`
has no clever been lost like this before
i want for there is no-thing beyond desiring a bum – lost in Dharma
can our dignity claim respite from within
no fewer than before – we talk to loose our sight – fancied match a delight
in taste we wash our throes in passionate flowers
for it is she you love in all this haste or
was it she who claimed the head of the lion
and left me wanting evermore inclined

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