March 31, 2010

can do you go wild

been running around all hours of the night
stumbling in and out of bars . drunk happy melancholy
thinking through so many different thoughts
thinking through so many different situations
wondering if there is anything pertinent to say
wondering if you have anything to say at all
i am this bright shining ball of light and fire
flying through space at speeds well past the speed of light
attracted to your mass of reserved love
this giant gravity that pulled me in so close
will my entropic energy force a sling shot affect
as your calming water looks to douse my fire
or will gravity set an orbit that you and i can reach each other from

March 30, 2010

you are best in show

i was thinking of the the title reference here as a i read it in a poem i wrote like a year or two ago. it took a little while for me to connect who said this to me, but then i remembered everything else she said. i find i like it when ex lover's tell me of their joy from our sessions. it was a bit heady knowing i was best in show in her long and illustrious sexual life. to hear her describe why was quite fun and really only brought a smile to my face and the image of those times.

i have been thinking not about past lovers to much but whether i have room for future ones. my instinctual energy is forever drawn and an expression of my sexual intensity in a world of mania, art and creativity. for some of the last year i have forsaken the carnal pursuit that has been my past time of chasing skirt. i did it to focus on my art and to transform that energy into creativity. i did it to cleanse my soul of the torture of the last 5 years of lies. i did it because i want to remember what it means to love again, to cherish a woman for her soul in a way that is not dominated by the physicality of my intense sexuality.

it was working very well in the creativity department, and in some of those purely creative moments i remembered a woman in my life who has always made me feel nervous and alive. she always stayed so distant and never took my flirtation as something serious behind it, and i respected her for that more than she can realize. the interesting thing about using my vast reserves of libidinous energy for art is that i could not feel a connection to the deep well of love in my soul. yet facing the realization of this beautiful soul has so much potential to give me a foundation for that future i want, i undertook the task of prying the cap off my well of love. it is a risky game i have begun to play for mania runs wild when unleashed like popping the cap off a bottle of champagne. i have my connection to words and love and the capability to feel and express for her something i have hidden since the moment i met her. but the other consequence of this is now my sexual energy is running wild and i have to either channel it to creativity or loose myself in the best in show!

which love would you have me do?

March 29, 2010

poetic license in love, poetry & songs

a love song for an inked doll is all about poetic license, in fact The Fresch Klesch is all about poetic license.

it's that time of summer
standing on the right side of the road
the warmth wrapped around your skin like Saran wrap
small beads of sweat trickle down your back
just the thought of cool suds brings us a smile
i can hear the girls laughing
i can feel you smiling at me
my instinct is to reach out for you
i feel you slide up
my hand on your back
wiping a drop from your skin - a purr
and i look in your eyes
those dark luscious eyes and their mystery
you lean in and our lips spark that familiar fire
how i love your heat in this summer sun

March 28, 2010

a manic friday night of poetry beer & dive bars!

this weekend everything that i needed to happen did not and everything that did was a melancholy mess. i think though in my normal writing stance during a manic episode sitting at a bar, i wrote this next poem and realized maybe what the title of the next poetry book should be: A Love Song for an Inked Doll!

there is this feeling i cannot shake tonight
i know this one so well having been here before
so much conflicting emotions in me
go here, go there and i can see how the field plays
it is nights like these that are so tough to get through but so worth the reflection tomorrow
i am sorry to always take you down this path my friend (to self)
yet i sometimes cannot choose any other path to walk
at least we have done it before and we know how this ends
no fear - i am yours till the bitter end and we can see a field of games and play
you are my endeavor in perpetuity and i love you like no other can, will or ever seems to want too
i knew after some fucked up words i needed to get drunk
this is the eventual end of a manic session
words words words just flow like a river created from the rain
i wonder, this bar stool is it a place we can remember each other
is it a place you remember that we can love each other
i just want to know there may be a chance tomorrow
next week . . . any time, any time is there just five minutes we can spend
i want to tell you all that i am
i want to hear all that you are
we cannot do it in five minutes but will you give it to me
we must start somewhere
you can absolutely think you are going no where and then "bam!"
you are where you need to be and your world is complete with a pearl
love me beautiful . i can be your pearl in this crazy turbulent life of pain and anguish
i can be so much more than you can imagine
if you let me
will you let me love you like i dream of
like i know you need me too
there is no end to the way i can express this
which means there is no end to how i can love you
just take that step forward and you will
embrace what you have always wanted
what you have never experienced, that which you crave
let me love you beautiful
this night, where you are not here
is a night i cannot forget
and wish i can remember
i wish you were here
not for an outcome but because i want to remember how to love
i want to know how you respond to love
i want to celebrate your soul
and kiss your smile love
your beautiful smile surrounded by red and those mystery pool eyes
i can be lost in those gorgeous eyes for forever and a day

March 27, 2010

the indespensable forward rolling centrifical momentum

last night did not go as planned in any capacity as a reunion of sorts for dinner left me in a state of free fall with the most chaotic set of energy. i was up i was down and then i made all the right choices. after such a fucked evening of melancholy delight, met up with Jim at The Slammer to be fed beers by miss annabelle. it took till almost midnight for the energy to change for the positive. maybe i just made a choice; maybe i realized it is only a choice; maybe the universe really thought i deserved momentum

here enters Carly, from NY. a cute gal completely enamored with my artistic style and themes. conversation upon conversation of questions and answer s. here is The Fresch Klesch at his bombastic best! good luck in LA Carly, hope i see you on the big screen doll!!

the ever moving centrifugal momentum of energy begins when you sever ties to the past that always want to hold you back. thank you tomorrow for the promise of change!

March 25, 2010

you're just like a dream

these words keep flowing onto paper with ease as if already written in my soul
i keep smiling and writing - thinking of you sitting with your legs curled
under you reading them from the couch, a wry smile as you wondered
is this kat for real
the muse effect is such a wonderful state of creative energy
a little bit less than perfect bliss
bliss is always the next step when offered up as a path to redemption
with these words come images and wonderment
of warm summer days in the future
girls laughing and giggling together in the sun
picking flowers and bringing them to us
as we lay in soft green grass
of cold winter nights on the couch in front of a fire
talking of tomorrows dreams for little girls growing older
the warmth of the blanket like a spotlight on our love
happiness is ever present in waking thoughts that may never come to fruition
of how i dream of you and your mystery being a comfort to my energy

i know me so well, you, i want to know well
will that smile be my comfort and redemption
or will it be another anthem of unspoken longing
i am not sure i should care how this ends when i know no one can recognize me and stay
other than i feel the promise of a storybook love
the promise of redemption in a life wrapped up in the comfort of strangers
where i have manufactured all that you see from this gaping hole
i can feel the pain in your soul from those past stories
i can see your reserve and the mystery you bring
i am not those men
i am capable of redemption, change, and a storybook love
this is what i am designed for
the everlasting belly of uncertainty cannot contend with my eternal well of optimism for at it's base is a fundamental love so rooted in faith
believe in me & you will be rewarded
love me and you will find your beloved happiness
together the storybook of redemption
happy girls growing laughing and loving

March 24, 2010

classic loud artistic exploration

i dreamed of you last night
the ever present love song of desire
you are a pure melody to me
those first strokes as the tune begins
i dreamed of us last night
in the cool spring air
after a day in the sun
with laughter and joy
i dreamed of you last night
your smile etched in my mind
your eyes a smile i can see
being lost for some time in
i dreamed of us last night
the first touch of skin to skin
a light brush on the arm
fingertips dancing on the small of the back
i dreamed of you last night
the scent of your pheromones linger
like a scrumptious thought
to lay my head upon
i dreamed of us last night
of the very beginning of love
of first kisses that taste
of delicious strawberries
i dreamed of you last night
i dreamed of us

March 22, 2010

for all the roller girls, inked dolls & strippers

sounds of video crack

roller girls, ink and strippers
i knew i was in over my head when i ordered a malibu and rum
with the wave of the hand - a coke
that was night one of an ink bender
night two
a little stogie and PBR
skin, fishnets and ink
nothing more for the debauchery
red lips and jesus loves porn stars
hop hop bump is the beat
mixtures and manic words
its just the mayo
tall slender and curves
its just fresch and the dirty whores
dancin and swingin for this kat
a little pin up pose
when the beat goes punk
who can forget the fun of
a debaucherous bender
smiles are like candy grins
with a side of skin
your ink and tits are divine
chain smokin the pipe over
black and white tiles of mighty PBR
obey obey
as i twirl golden stands
through my taunt hands
its the red light of midnight tokes
golden punk locks
and tender kisses
as i touch my skin along the curve of her back
i’ll turn my fingers on their side
subtle erotica
its delicious

the muse effect

sometimes when you ask for what you want
the universe answers with an overabundance of love for you
sometimes it is a little much to know
six years i have bottle up the true connection to my well of emotion
six years of recrimination and nothing resembling love
it is always the form of the muse which connects
the well of emotion to a love of something red
this bright color fireball of orange yellow red delight
you, my muse, it was not even a starting place to open this door
you kicked it open when we sat and talked after so long in isolation
for some weeks after that fall day when you were wicked hungover and i was so scattered
i had this thought of warmth i traced back in my memories to all the times we shared
i am not often giddy but those thoughts run around the air
still some time had to pass before my thoughts traced there way to the well
and i was able to pry the cork off with one statement of hope
i needed my emotional well to show you how to love
you gave me this opportunity
and my emotional connection to my creativity has been on a high ever since
these words flow like endless water reigning down
sparks of creativity driving me
red muse is the color of new beginning

March 19, 2010

the origins of Chasing Skirt

many who know me as the modern man that i am today would never believe i used to be a wallflower and a geek. it was pathetic till i was done with grad school. from there, with my confidence in life growing i began to find a distinct style, vision and ease of expression with my gregarious self.

this also coincides with my rise as an artist and finding my voice in regards to expression. i must have tapped in to some energy source deep within my soul for soon i found a philosophy on women, relationships, and sex. maybe i finally came to understand the origin of the manic energy inside me, or just what sort of power it possessed.

this i can only say is the origin of Chasing Skirt and of course the band i saw one night at Kelly's, but what does it mean?

the answer lies in my true essence as a Sagittarius as an outgoing woman loving, dare i say philandering fool. sexuality pervades my words, expressions and body language. understanding this and that emotions and connections were the realm of pheromones and psychology, i soon found it easy to spot a woman's cue. the chase and the pursuit is the part that is so very enjoyable. you see, women are like juggling balls. you have to have enough in the air so that at any one point in time you can have one in the hand. from there it is about orchestrating meetings and the art of flirting.

to learn about the rest of the origins of Chasing Skirt you will have to wait for the book due out this Fall!

well hello, maybe i am not ready to ride

yesterday, with its crazy i cannot go this way vibe
is not so clear an uncertain wave
i like being alone. except when i do not and then i feel anxious
i almost made the wrong choice last night
riding a bike is easy and they say you never forget the feel
so long in this last year i denied myself an opportunity to ride
and before that, someone took away my opportunity and used it as a weapon against me
yet, riding is something ingrained into my very nature
it is my pleasure regulator and mood stabilizer
last night, being melancholy for the fact i cannot have what i want or may not have the patience to do this right
i was searching for a place of comfort to ride the angst away
like a sixth sense it is not hard to find
but you might be happy to know after all that work, i sat alone in the studio
and just could not bring myself to stoop so low
i realize i may not be ready for all the promise you bring
the trouble with knowing you can do anything
is sometimes you forget what you cannot do until the aftermath engulfs you
i am not always a patient man, even if the reward is great
this is the ironic fact of having waited my entire life to date for the two things i am the best at, and having only participated partially in one

i dare to dream of the second
well hello, maybe i am not ready to ride
i should just sit here quietly till you take my hand

copyright Sunshine Ink, 2010.

March 18, 2010

Twisted Pinups take 1

so here are a few samples that Andrew has been playing with as layout and color schemes. please give of feedback giving what you know of TP?

the squares guide to being punk

in light of the upcoming launch of Twisted Pinups, i am working on a series of blog posts to familiarize people with many aspects of The Fresch Klesch's art and the origin of Twisted Pinups.

The Squares Guide to Being Punk is a book that celebrates The Committee's attempt to wake up the masses through Art, and the personal viral punk campaign of the rebel rousing doctrine.

you will come to know some of these Nefarious Characters like they are your best friends, and I promise some of them are. they each have their own nightlife name that encompasses how i met them, knew them, or what their favorite past time was. these are the character's of the portland underbelly; they can be found in any dive bar, strip club or coffee shop throughout my beloved city.

they are how we keep portland weird, so for everyone's benefit, celebrate them or piss off!

March 17, 2010

i smirk when i think of joy

untitled piece from upcoming book entitled Chasing Skirt
copyright Sunshine Ink 2010

the jist of life is a message in a dylan song “times they are a changin”
be flexible like a reed in the wind
i find myself in the same sunny bars at all hours
cafes like virginia
where tats on girls kling like skin tight clothes
the order of the day is
whores dressed like waitresses prancing around bringing beers and food
to small time criminals and denizens of the scene like me
we live this nostalgia in places built before our time - like a lifestyle where we frequent bohemian skills and seduce ourselves along with the ladies each time we frequent Virginia’s Cafe
each time a different girl with a different message but the end game is the same
we both are just looking for a fuck
and a way to remember we can feel euphoric
some drugs that bind us are made internal
and just a way to prime the pump
for manic streams filled with energetic themes
lead to more of the same

March 16, 2010

a tribute to Thom Klesch

yesterday was my father's birthday and today is my parents anniversary. so as a tribute to Thom who taught me all my photography basics, i thought i would throw up some of my favorite photographs he has taken.

when i was first allowed in my father's darkroom, i was 7yrs old and the darkroom was the size of a closet.

from there i graduated to sherpa and chief assistant.

soon thereafter he gave me one of his 35mm minolta's and i was able to begin my learning's.

as a kid i used to love to go with my father on outings. it was always an adventure to go explore places to photograph.

all photographs in the post are taking by Thom Klesch throughout his life and are the copyright of Eternity Road Photography.

818 lucky strike

i keep seeing the 818 flash on the clock like some horrible reminder i am late. i can hear your fucking voice every time i see it, with that stupid reminder to me. this ship is sinking faster than i can remember.

i am not quite ready to tell this story of you and all i learned from it. i can say quite simply though that i faced everything i did not think i had the muster to pass through.

this is why i am so eager to more forward, to think of the future. the past is only a lesson we should have learned from, and since i faced my fire.

i want to dream of the future that carries your beautiful smile, your wonderful love and the sound of happy voices in laughter.

March 14, 2010

as a scientist i should not believe in the divinity of random connections

all of my favorite dive bars have hosted a night of shenanigans, debauchery, and the pursuit of pleasure. i used to be more direct than i am now, but really everything i do is about mood and energy type. on this night several years ago the scene was Kelly's and all the usual characters apply.

my memory is crystal on the subject and path which the night of debauchery and yet it was another night with Andrew, so you know i could not see straight when i was in the back of that cab home. i was promoting Manic Rose City at the Bettie's party, listening to Chasing Skirt; enjoying the sight of all the punk rockabilly dolls. i lay my attention to the cute doll in front of me who was wearing a white t shirt. she is there with a small group and continually pays attention to me. i remember looking at the group i was with and letting my smile and the several jamesons and pbr's take over from there. i have found a long time ago that everyone responds to confidence or at least i thought.

i can be a big flirt full of the moment with the experience in the pursuit is what i crave. i stood up full of myself, going for one last Jamesons neat and soon turned to see you right next to me. i smiled and said how you doing with the tip of my hat. feeling bombastic and flush. we had met before a few times through one very crazy mutual friend. i always wondered what you thought of this debauchery. you said you wished a certain boy would kiss you but he hasn't. i smiled and thought to myself i wish it were me.

there was this moment later i decided i was going home with the white tee despite the complications it was going to make. she was much younger than me by like 4 years or more. i wondered if this is how Bukowski felt. i went outside to smoke and wait for her to join me from the bar. Cooper came out was enjoying a cigarette with me when the girls walked out out and hopped in the back of a cab. white tee paused as she got in, looking me directly in the eye like with this anguished look.

i turned to Cooper with a what the fuck look. he said she grabbed him near the bathroom and asked if i was seeing someone. i could not believe he had divulged on me and i berated him so, but soon found myself in the back of a cab. i wanted out of my personal hell and had decided to accelerate its transgressions. as of yet i had not strayed despite ample opportunity too. i sat there feeling lost and remember your desire from your boy. it seems we both in a very inebriated way lost out on something we both wanted. i did not know this evening had solidified so many thoughts about you that over time i would experience.

the excitation of saturation

i have been asked on many occasions if photographing naked ladies and sometimes highly erotic material has sapped my sexual excitement. i always initially answer this question with a no, and then qualify it.

erotic shoots, and erotic women who express themselves during a shoot can be some of the most fulfilling sets to create. with any good photographic session, there are two qualities i can hang my hat on; the first is that there will be a lot of electricity, energy and excitation; the second is that all my energy is focused on the creation of the art, and so at the end, i am exhausted.

this latter statement may mean to some that i have been saturated/desensitized and really at that point could not enjoy any saturation skin to skin.

i am a quintessential sagittarius which goes hand and hand with mania, both of which can give me an enormous well, desire, and need to explore and express carnal pleasure. those who know me well, know that i wear this sexuality on my sleeve. it is a great component of my art, in both the subject matter and theme framework.

it is all energy!

March 13, 2010

translational entropic energy

yesterday was Teri's 32 birthday and i just have to say that you gotta luv a doll who goes to a strip club as a means of celebrating her birth.

& so it begins this night of debauchery!

now when we got to slingshot, the chaos all broke loose because as i soon found myself accosted by the very women i wrote my hussies post about, except she was blonde and happy to see me. making me realize i owed her an apology because it was not her during lunch the other day.

somehow here my phone disappeared into the bathroom and this is what was left behind. how is all of this for the random nature of the universe to just happen upon your subject matter while pursuing red.

somewhere in the middle of this, the rebel rousing doctrine was invoked and i remember we began to harass the women in fur with punk acts i will not speak of here.

the end of the line found me in the back of a cab at 5am.