March 3, 2010

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i remember the first time i trusted myself to follow a path that no one thought i could/should follow. it was warm and sunny and the feeling of euphoria for accepting my choice left me feeling full of power and joy. i was rewarded with many joyous experiences and growth in my soul like i had never imagined, yet in the end the experience ended with the scent of burnt trust.

uncertainty is everywhere and even when we know a choice may or may not be right, there is risk in the very choice itself. yet sometimes we need to experience things that are not pleasant so that we can accept and recognize the those that are truly full of wonder.

i know you hurt deep down in your soul. i know because they is a place in my heart i keep that pain and remember it well. there is hope though my luv in accepting the warmth of pure sunshine. to feel that touch upon your beautiful face, what joy there can be in the acceptance.

i will always endeavor to express that acceptance & be a beacon of sunshine in the day to erase what went before, because luv is worth the walk down the path of uncertainty.

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