March 10, 2010

excerpts from the rose city blues series

Rose City Blues # 5

four jack and cokes, two jays
just to lay head to rest
wanderlust manic rose city
how i travel her streets
altered and observant
i see you watching me
at the Annex on Thursdays
in the Low Brow Lounge
we always smile knowing
fate is twisted false
i seek it always close
me – i see me – changing
i cannot find it - you
twisted is my mind
sought by energy
consuming all normalcy
I can only wander watching

Rose City Blues # 7

its not quite one pm
three beers two jays
and I cannot explain how the shabbas comes
sacred is the day
a holy morning of lovin‘
me at a dive bar after sundown
full of drunken lunacy
harlots and joes playin‘ desire
I am here drinkin‘ and smoking
watching a disturbed world
from the fisheye
through the glass
fogged must be the brain
erased by a solvent
cigarettes for hussies and harlots

Copyright Sunshine Ink, Manic Rose City 2006.

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