March 14, 2010

the excitation of saturation

i have been asked on many occasions if photographing naked ladies and sometimes highly erotic material has sapped my sexual excitement. i always initially answer this question with a no, and then qualify it.

erotic shoots, and erotic women who express themselves during a shoot can be some of the most fulfilling sets to create. with any good photographic session, there are two qualities i can hang my hat on; the first is that there will be a lot of electricity, energy and excitation; the second is that all my energy is focused on the creation of the art, and so at the end, i am exhausted.

this latter statement may mean to some that i have been saturated/desensitized and really at that point could not enjoy any saturation skin to skin.

i am a quintessential sagittarius which goes hand and hand with mania, both of which can give me an enormous well, desire, and need to explore and express carnal pleasure. those who know me well, know that i wear this sexuality on my sleeve. it is a great component of my art, in both the subject matter and theme framework.

it is all energy!

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