March 22, 2010

for all the roller girls, inked dolls & strippers

sounds of video crack

roller girls, ink and strippers
i knew i was in over my head when i ordered a malibu and rum
with the wave of the hand - a coke
that was night one of an ink bender
night two
a little stogie and PBR
skin, fishnets and ink
nothing more for the debauchery
red lips and jesus loves porn stars
hop hop bump is the beat
mixtures and manic words
its just the mayo
tall slender and curves
its just fresch and the dirty whores
dancin and swingin for this kat
a little pin up pose
when the beat goes punk
who can forget the fun of
a debaucherous bender
smiles are like candy grins
with a side of skin
your ink and tits are divine
chain smokin the pipe over
black and white tiles of mighty PBR
obey obey
as i twirl golden stands
through my taunt hands
its the red light of midnight tokes
golden punk locks
and tender kisses
as i touch my skin along the curve of her back
i’ll turn my fingers on their side
subtle erotica
its delicious

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