March 11, 2010

hussies whores & harlots

andrew & i like to recruit in strip clubs and one of our favorites is Magic Garden in Chinatown. we tended to go late afternoon, have a few beers, throw a few ones and flirt with the sex kittens. on this particular thursday, a delicious little doll was slinking around. i recruited in my bombastic over the top style and was rewarded a week later with a call and a scheduled shoot.

the shoot was highly erotic from the start as this doll just kept flirting. at one point in time i hear her call from the bath room, i am so wet!

we proceeded to shoot on 3 or 4 different occasions, spent some time in eugene being crazy. she was a screamer & easy to orgasm. in fact, as i recall, her whole body used to shudder like she was having a seizure. one night in a fit of confession, maybe because she mistook the erotic nature of our relations or her incessant need to be taken care of . strippers are needy in case you do not know . she told me she had been a hooker for a long time in eugene.

i am a very accepting and open person and certainly did not judge her for this. it was apparent to me that she likely still was doing it when she needed to make rent.

i took my last BJ in the bathroom of Portland Coffee House some tuesday mid morning and just kept my distance. clinging girls drive me nuts, especially ones that cannot listen. it gets classic from there where she runs away, comes back, losses her kids, then just goes silent till i get a text message wanting to shoot a few months ago. in my flippant response, i was greeted with only silence.

then today, waiting for lunch there she was. she looked right at me and i smiled cause there is no hard feelings but you, you just kept looking skittish and away, then back and then away. must of been the john you were with or the fact you couldn't believe i could smile.

civility would say you at least smile! i am sure you were in lust with me, but i am not the one who is the train wreck...

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