March 17, 2010

i smirk when i think of joy

untitled piece from upcoming book entitled Chasing Skirt
copyright Sunshine Ink 2010

the jist of life is a message in a dylan song “times they are a changin”
be flexible like a reed in the wind
i find myself in the same sunny bars at all hours
cafes like virginia
where tats on girls kling like skin tight clothes
the order of the day is
whores dressed like waitresses prancing around bringing beers and food
to small time criminals and denizens of the scene like me
we live this nostalgia in places built before our time - like a lifestyle where we frequent bohemian skills and seduce ourselves along with the ladies each time we frequent Virginia’s Cafe
each time a different girl with a different message but the end game is the same
we both are just looking for a fuck
and a way to remember we can feel euphoric
some drugs that bind us are made internal
and just a way to prime the pump
for manic streams filled with energetic themes
lead to more of the same

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