March 27, 2010

the indespensable forward rolling centrifical momentum

last night did not go as planned in any capacity as a reunion of sorts for dinner left me in a state of free fall with the most chaotic set of energy. i was up i was down and then i made all the right choices. after such a fucked evening of melancholy delight, met up with Jim at The Slammer to be fed beers by miss annabelle. it took till almost midnight for the energy to change for the positive. maybe i just made a choice; maybe i realized it is only a choice; maybe the universe really thought i deserved momentum

here enters Carly, from NY. a cute gal completely enamored with my artistic style and themes. conversation upon conversation of questions and answer s. here is The Fresch Klesch at his bombastic best! good luck in LA Carly, hope i see you on the big screen doll!!

the ever moving centrifugal momentum of energy begins when you sever ties to the past that always want to hold you back. thank you tomorrow for the promise of change!

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