March 9, 2010

its good to be a pro at something

growing up in my family was quite a rich endeavor with a father as a recovering catholic who thinks he is a Buddhist and a mother who believes in the stars. in our house there was never an ounce of alcohol to be found and in fact it was always ridiculed. both my parents grew up with alcoholic fathers and my mothers father drunk himself to death. because of this i was a sheltered child till the week before my 21st birthday and from there is has been a wild adventure in debauchery.

i also am afflicted or empowered by a chemical imbalance called manic depression and this i have found is where my unabashed energy comes from and where my brilliant artistic talent resides. it is also a vast array of sometimes conflicting emotions and unmanageable energy states. this though i found can be regulated with music, sleep, alcohol and psychotropics.

i am certain this is why grandpa joe went on benders, to try to manage his mania! i think i get it from my long lost relative Dylan Thomas, but really every great artist has faced their demons and either dispatched them in their art (me) or it ate them up from the inside (not me)

and so for a long time my mother was always freaked about my propensity to drink until the day she realized it is my life and though i go to extremes, i am still more well off than most of my friends, i own my home, am a respectable scientist and according to the portland police, a respectable upstanding citizen.

i used to deny the propensity to drink until i embraced the debauchery of it. i go to extremes but never loose control and yes, welcome to the mania - it is ripe with erotica adventures & stories to entertain the masses!

i am not an alcoholic, but rather an advanced drinker with a propensity of debauchery & really, if you must be good at something, why not be a pro!

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