March 22, 2010

the muse effect

sometimes when you ask for what you want
the universe answers with an overabundance of love for you
sometimes it is a little much to know
six years i have bottle up the true connection to my well of emotion
six years of recrimination and nothing resembling love
it is always the form of the muse which connects
the well of emotion to a love of something red
this bright color fireball of orange yellow red delight
you, my muse, it was not even a starting place to open this door
you kicked it open when we sat and talked after so long in isolation
for some weeks after that fall day when you were wicked hungover and i was so scattered
i had this thought of warmth i traced back in my memories to all the times we shared
i am not often giddy but those thoughts run around the air
still some time had to pass before my thoughts traced there way to the well
and i was able to pry the cork off with one statement of hope
i needed my emotional well to show you how to love
you gave me this opportunity
and my emotional connection to my creativity has been on a high ever since
these words flow like endless water reigning down
sparks of creativity driving me
red muse is the color of new beginning

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