March 19, 2010

the origins of Chasing Skirt

many who know me as the modern man that i am today would never believe i used to be a wallflower and a geek. it was pathetic till i was done with grad school. from there, with my confidence in life growing i began to find a distinct style, vision and ease of expression with my gregarious self.

this also coincides with my rise as an artist and finding my voice in regards to expression. i must have tapped in to some energy source deep within my soul for soon i found a philosophy on women, relationships, and sex. maybe i finally came to understand the origin of the manic energy inside me, or just what sort of power it possessed.

this i can only say is the origin of Chasing Skirt and of course the band i saw one night at Kelly's, but what does it mean?

the answer lies in my true essence as a Sagittarius as an outgoing woman loving, dare i say philandering fool. sexuality pervades my words, expressions and body language. understanding this and that emotions and connections were the realm of pheromones and psychology, i soon found it easy to spot a woman's cue. the chase and the pursuit is the part that is so very enjoyable. you see, women are like juggling balls. you have to have enough in the air so that at any one point in time you can have one in the hand. from there it is about orchestrating meetings and the art of flirting.

to learn about the rest of the origins of Chasing Skirt you will have to wait for the book due out this Fall!

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