March 13, 2010

soaking up all that is you tonight

3/12/2010 copyright Sunshine Ink

soaking up all that is you tonight

the clarity of an event knowing you are the sum of the parts
that is sometimes more than you want
i do not wish to be anywhere else but here near you
it is what i want more than the sleep i crave
it is more than the world i crave
because it is this love which is i

this tiny capacity is not much more than today
i cannot see what is next but this belongs only to a moment in time
i see where the past belongs to a memory
to much whiskey to much Jamesons in the moment
to much & its not yet futbol season, but
i wish i was in the terraces with you - singing those drunken songs

i cannot believe in this feeling without it running all around me
maybe because i want to more than ever
maybe because this space won't let me
come on baby flash me your smile
come on baby say you can love me
come on tell me something famous tonight
tell me what is right - cause i am in la la land
like there is no tomorrow
come on say you know me tonight
i luv your vans
i luv your red - in those fishnets and your punk skirt
it is something i have waited for my entire life, all of my life
to know you are no different than me tonight
i am just soaking this up tonight, soaking up all that is you tonight
i wish i could see straight tonight, but what is real is not right and i,
i want to believe in our future tonight

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