March 18, 2010

the squares guide to being punk

in light of the upcoming launch of Twisted Pinups, i am working on a series of blog posts to familiarize people with many aspects of The Fresch Klesch's art and the origin of Twisted Pinups.

The Squares Guide to Being Punk is a book that celebrates The Committee's attempt to wake up the masses through Art, and the personal viral punk campaign of the rebel rousing doctrine.

you will come to know some of these Nefarious Characters like they are your best friends, and I promise some of them are. they each have their own nightlife name that encompasses how i met them, knew them, or what their favorite past time was. these are the character's of the portland underbelly; they can be found in any dive bar, strip club or coffee shop throughout my beloved city.

they are how we keep portland weird, so for everyone's benefit, celebrate them or piss off!

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