March 13, 2010

translational entropic energy

yesterday was Teri's 32 birthday and i just have to say that you gotta luv a doll who goes to a strip club as a means of celebrating her birth.

& so it begins this night of debauchery!

now when we got to slingshot, the chaos all broke loose because as i soon found myself accosted by the very women i wrote my hussies post about, except she was blonde and happy to see me. making me realize i owed her an apology because it was not her during lunch the other day.

somehow here my phone disappeared into the bathroom and this is what was left behind. how is all of this for the random nature of the universe to just happen upon your subject matter while pursuing red.

somewhere in the middle of this, the rebel rousing doctrine was invoked and i remember we began to harass the women in fur with punk acts i will not speak of here.

the end of the line found me in the back of a cab at 5am.

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