March 19, 2010

well hello, maybe i am not ready to ride

yesterday, with its crazy i cannot go this way vibe
is not so clear an uncertain wave
i like being alone. except when i do not and then i feel anxious
i almost made the wrong choice last night
riding a bike is easy and they say you never forget the feel
so long in this last year i denied myself an opportunity to ride
and before that, someone took away my opportunity and used it as a weapon against me
yet, riding is something ingrained into my very nature
it is my pleasure regulator and mood stabilizer
last night, being melancholy for the fact i cannot have what i want or may not have the patience to do this right
i was searching for a place of comfort to ride the angst away
like a sixth sense it is not hard to find
but you might be happy to know after all that work, i sat alone in the studio
and just could not bring myself to stoop so low
i realize i may not be ready for all the promise you bring
the trouble with knowing you can do anything
is sometimes you forget what you cannot do until the aftermath engulfs you
i am not always a patient man, even if the reward is great
this is the ironic fact of having waited my entire life to date for the two things i am the best at, and having only participated partially in one

i dare to dream of the second
well hello, maybe i am not ready to ride
i should just sit here quietly till you take my hand

copyright Sunshine Ink, 2010.

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