March 6, 2010

yes no maybe go

the answer is seven!

i never saw any yellow or purple; i win! i saw some brilliant shit, no i saw . . .

that is love . it's always for love

a day i know i let my friends down; a day i know they love me more than ever, but this day has so many conflicting emotions and energies. today is over and tomorrow will be something else i cannot explain

i have seen a day similar, well at least there are reactions that are similar.

it is going to be hard to say what i feel since this mixed emotion has so many conflicting statements.

i love you . my friends . my lovers . i love you.

i cannot follow you down this rabbit hole tonight, the night that is over. i cannot chase you down this rabbit hole because i love you, because i love me. this is more than ever i can express to you because i see you are not ready to hear me. this is as it should be.

tonight, that is past, is the end to something i had no control over. a dream i tried to create with no merit. i am not a miricle worker and i know this. i tried a long time ago with someone oblivious of me!

i love you . yes i do! that is all there is to say . . .

i cannot be tonight what you want or need because this is confusion. you are me and i am you and azure says what is next . what is it we create beyone what you cannot see

i say t is all what it is . and i love you

i love you because i know you cannot . know we cannot meet.

i failed my friends tonight and yet they love me none the less!


  1. I'm still in the process of rummaging through your site (getting to know you), but I wanted to pause here and tell you that THIS is absolutely remarkable. I love this poem, from beginning to end, I'm so glad I read it, so glad you wrote it.

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