March 25, 2010

you're just like a dream

these words keep flowing onto paper with ease as if already written in my soul
i keep smiling and writing - thinking of you sitting with your legs curled
under you reading them from the couch, a wry smile as you wondered
is this kat for real
the muse effect is such a wonderful state of creative energy
a little bit less than perfect bliss
bliss is always the next step when offered up as a path to redemption
with these words come images and wonderment
of warm summer days in the future
girls laughing and giggling together in the sun
picking flowers and bringing them to us
as we lay in soft green grass
of cold winter nights on the couch in front of a fire
talking of tomorrows dreams for little girls growing older
the warmth of the blanket like a spotlight on our love
happiness is ever present in waking thoughts that may never come to fruition
of how i dream of you and your mystery being a comfort to my energy

i know me so well, you, i want to know well
will that smile be my comfort and redemption
or will it be another anthem of unspoken longing
i am not sure i should care how this ends when i know no one can recognize me and stay
other than i feel the promise of a storybook love
the promise of redemption in a life wrapped up in the comfort of strangers
where i have manufactured all that you see from this gaping hole
i can feel the pain in your soul from those past stories
i can see your reserve and the mystery you bring
i am not those men
i am capable of redemption, change, and a storybook love
this is what i am designed for
the everlasting belly of uncertainty cannot contend with my eternal well of optimism for at it's base is a fundamental love so rooted in faith
believe in me & you will be rewarded
love me and you will find your beloved happiness
together the storybook of redemption
happy girls growing laughing and loving

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