April 30, 2010

the excise of divinity

sometimes the nights are just a solid
as the days when we found only sun
the linguistics of the night
are very direct and vocal
as those mid afternoon sessions
drinking in each other
tonight though, i can feel you watching me
and every time i look at you
you make eye contact and then look away
i try to smile but i feel it is just a grimace
maybe it is clear
to you or your friends
that now there is no silence
in this cacophony of bar noise
with all of your friends watching us
i am a little to drunk to be focused
and i can feel this shadow
falling on my thoughts
the euphoria of the evening
was eaten away by the disjointed nature
of our way of relating
tomorrow will be different
if not a tiny bit of the same
when all i really want
is to be in love with you
where mornings we awake
to the saturation of each others skin
afternoons are spent in laughter
at the joy of girls playing in summer sun
where evenings are spent exploring the pleasure
that love exudes in you and i

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