April 27, 2010

girls . love . excess . girls . love . divine

i was sitting in the sun
watching the clouds play
and thinking of you
that day we walked in
the warm summer sun
your skin supple from the moist heat
we stopped at that quaint place by the water
drank some cold beers
talking for hours
as we stared in each others eyes
i would drop a bead of cold
condensation from my bottle
on your shoulder and trace its path
along your ink
so delicious was your smile
your eyes a pool of milky love
i could feel our exploration
of all the souls divine
we just laughed and drank
the warmth of the summer sun
you remember that old couple
who came by and said we were perfect
in love with the divine
i just smile knowing your love
my love, our love
was an afternoon in summer sun
when everyone smiled upon us
you would touch my arm
i would look over at your smile
and then those luscious lips
a fiery kiss
all the love and our souls divine

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