April 5, 2010

hello, good night, goodbye & good morning beautiful

the crescent moon rises as the night started with a hug
a brief hello and it was apparent you were happy to see me
oh that smile is so beautiful and intoxicating
i met you with a smile of my own
and just felt deep in my soul it was a hello you could bank on
as the night rolled on in that dark bar with the streams of people
all around us, this cacophony of voices and mass of punk humanity
our eyes and smiles were met on many an occasion awash in that sea of mass
never really keeping a conversation except through those subtle communications
i could feel inside our parallel track
this physical pheromone a biochemical reaction
i sit here across the table watching you watching me
watching you talk through all these masses
your beauty is breath taking in this environment
of beers and cheers and the noise of bar life
i am just here to be present for you
to soak up your life and how you are with your friends
i love the comfort of strangers
and tonight i will stand apart for you to see me amongst this crowd
i can feel your ink and your eyes upon me as we finally find ourselves next each other
you lean in to make a comment, that look in your eyes that says you know
its time to go and i am coming with you
just a brief second i want to touch those milky pools in your eyes as you stare at me
your smile is gorgeous in this light - i have butterflies every time you look at me
i wonder what it might be like
no i dare not say, but then you look at me again and i . . .
somehow i just know what to do
somehow i want to reach out and touch your skin
like soft brush strokes on canvas tracing the ink on your skin
a moment to share the way i want to care for your heart
caress your soul to remember what it is like to know deep passionate love
you have never met a kat like me
you may never know how well i can express this love for you
there is that second when you pause and stare
eyes like deep pools
can you feel me here in this dark place?
where love is all i want to know of you
where my care is knowing you may never be any different around me
there i stand, your skin so close to my touch
your ink a love song i may never know
can you know this longing?
feel this love i stand here waiting to give you
then you give me that look that says lets go
and i instinctively know what to do
good morning beautiful, its five am and i do not want to say goodbye

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