April 8, 2010

i know you are going to . . .

i keep walking these city streets
wondering if you are ever going to talk to me
wondering if you are ever going to write to me
of the love that i feel in my heart
or of the love i want
i wish you were here with me
though as these city streets pass
i can feel the distance between us
a distance so great i could break
i know there is this story of life
a heartache in tragedy
this story is only a story that is lived
never written in stone
yes doll
i can love you for you
i wonder if you can love me for me
i keep stumbling in and out of bars
and back home again
i wish you were here with me
on the couch with your head on my lap
your gorgeous eyes staring up at me
all our words floating on joyous whispers
in the electric space between us
yet sitting here as i am
the dark of night has crept in
the silence of sitting here alone
could i deserve more than this silence
more than just a few words
or a touch of your skin
i may never feel your piercing gaze again
as those milky eyes are pools of joy
in the parchment of my dreams
sitting here with my heart in my hand
you say you wear yours on your sleeve
yet let me take it off and cherish it
you do not
i wish you were here with me love
to wash away these thoughts from sinking in
i know you are going to break my soul
yet i still wish we write a love song
for all the ages
storybooked in stone
for all to believe

1 comment:

  1. The faces I see. Who are they? What do they do? What do they think? What do they wish they had told you while you were on the other side of the lens?