April 13, 2010

i'm the radder

one morning many years ago i got off the train
at pioneer plaza and started walking up past The Guild
my head was hung low like so many days before
staring at that concrete i kept walking
spirits as low as they could be in my dark hole where
the sun never shines and i cannot feel love
in a man like me
for every manic high is a manic low
i am as bright as a deep dark hole where the sun doesn't shine
the high yellow moon was hidden behind gray scale skies
until i stood on the corner watching this white vintage car
roll up the street slowly like a god drive by
the dali lama sat in the back seat with his hand hanging out the window
he looked right at me and smiled then waved
as he rolled on by
my soul, my hole of darkness

was soon filled with light
my head picked up and my heart
filled with that eternal love
my smile stretched ear to ear
i still feel that divinity today when
i see that image roll by
the dali lama smiled on me
in a beloved rose city morning
when i needed love more than anything else
i am the radder
for existing here in your life
you should reach out and see how the high yellow moon
comes out to play

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