April 26, 2010

its good when you cannot remember

yeah, so this past weekend, which started on Thursday night with a Timbers 3-nil win, my fav strip club and new fav potential model/art inspiration emily. i spent some time with my bro and the yard on friday before having drinks with emily. i cannot remember much from sat, must have been the drugs but i do know that i got the Chasing Skirt manuscript done!!!

the rebel rousing TP sticker campaign was met with mixed results as some of the stickers were already removed by Friday! BOOOOOOO!!!

Fuck Yeah! such a relief to have the manuscript done, not the fun of designing the book cover and getting the reviewers to look it over before i do final edits and get it to the print shop by August.

ok, so now i can focus on A Love Song for an Inked Doll!

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