April 28, 2010

just a another hump day

the dirty old man loves
the middle of the week
with its hump day and connotations
he sits on his porch like i
sat on the balcony in the loft
the dolls a parade on the street
for happy is the nostalgia
sitting and smoking fat zags
those warm summer days
a delight to experience
like the night we spent
laying in the grass
staring at the stars
talking about the clouds
hand in hand arm to arm
skin to skin on warm summer nights
i have these memories
like photographs on the wall
your beautiful voice an allure
our fingers entwined as stars
dance for us with your skin
a wonderful brush on my arm
the warm air smooth
in the light of a memories glow
your lips kiss my skin
with a drunk desire
to express a punks love
after a night drinking flirting & fun
we are here laying in the grass
holding hands like school kids
i have no clue what time it was
or how much i really do not want this to change
expire . i loved waking up to you
after that wondrous night under the stars
your head nuzzled on my chest
your leg curled on me
the sun just creeping up in the east
i kissed your forward
not wanting that moment to stop
i felt your love so deep in me
i felt a touch of the divine
gently tracing my fingers
along your ink and supple canvas
i waited for your eyes to finally open
so i could swim in your milky pool
caress that love i can feel in your touch

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