April 20, 2010

oh my joy for you love

i remember a night we spent
till the wee hours of the the next day
when normal folks are just getting up
we were heading home in different cabs
i remember the whole night in vivid detail
your smile on me so warm to my heart
it started with a hug and joy
like seeing me for the first time in months
i liked your touch and was so happy inside
you insisted i join your table
and so i sat across from you
to watch you, to smile at you
oh my joy for you love
it grew that night
as we kept drinking and celebrating
celebrating your life
i am a stranger here amongst your friends
and really looking back
with you too
yet, love, that night i could see your joy
reflected back at me
that i am here and i think you know why
i am here for you
for love
and so when it was time to move on to the next stop
it did not surprise me to be going with you
happy yes, the joy of maybe being your toy
buzzed and euphoric in the backseat
our mouths just talking
i reached out to rub your arms
touch your inked skin
i just wanted you to feel my love
i just wanted a moment alone
on to the bar for another Jamesons
feeling a little heady and wondering how it would end
wondering how it would end

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