April 6, 2010

pure joy is a high before the fall

i could hear the door click shut
and you were there in front of me
hello beautiful!
your smile a wonderful light
as you walked up to me
your smell intoxicating
this time as it was the first
and in that first inhale
i can feel upon my skin
a remembrance of why
i have loved you since the day we met
you smile again as we embrace
your body an insinuation to me
those luscious lips a delicious reminder
of what is to come next
i breathe deep your touch
the gentle reminder of a love not lost
i know you must be strong to tame a manic soul
and divine to love one like me
your touch is a sensuous delight
as your fingers run through my hair
tracing their way down my cheeks
to my lips, another soft kiss
and that smile that warms my soul
your eyes are pools of joy
i want to stare in forever and a day
when you touch me i feel love
when i touch you i know love
i am love
i give love back to you
eternal and more than words or actions combined
my fingers caress your skin
the small of your back where my art resides
delicious ink i am going to explore in you
for this love is forever
forever, for this is just a waking dream
of you and i here so very long ago

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