April 21, 2010

round & round spinning till there is no end

i like it when wednesday's are thursday's
and thursday's are friday's
its your hump day before beer & debauchery
capped off with the timbers & drunk singing
i smile at how i am going to erase this blot
of frustration and inconsistencies
i am already in a good mood today
for the hope my friday evening may consist
of sex drugs & the timbers
and your friday is surely to follow up with the same for me
and so i am all smiles and joys that i know how
to forget that i cannot love you
because i cannot even talk to you
your silence is my blessing
to free me of this false hope you instilled
and get on with the real joy
of a storybook that drips of love
as much as it does of ink & sex & debauchery
which so characterizes my artistic life

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