April 15, 2010

the silver lining in the midst of darkness

i was sitting on the front stairs
listening to the rain in the night
i do not seem to sleep to much anymore
sometimes i do not even try
i can feel again, and that is enough for now
i am creative again, and connected to my emotional core
i have you to thank for that
i have love to dream about
i have a life to live, somehow
and this i think is why i cannot sleep
my life is settled and unsettled
always this juxtaposition of opposites
the rain smells so warm
i smile to think of you
i long to smile at you, touch you, love you
sitting here in the dark of my porch
in the comfort of no light
i am reminded of the old adage,
"you pay your money and you take your chance
when dealing in love and romance"
this is the silver lining in it all
its a gamble with Vegas odds
and i cannot expect to beat Vegas odds
maybe now i can sleep, knowing i cannot win with you
but i have these words, and this picture
i never loose hope there is a love in you as great as i can imagine

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