April 23, 2010

this is my way for you

this thing is always the same
how it ends with me and you?
i always laugh at myself
finding me here in the garden
where magic always seems to happen
i love you if that is not clear
and when asked tonight who
a love song for an inked dolls is for
i can only say you know her,
it is for everyone
i chuckled when she said that was the best answer
i never really thought
i was being anything other than coy
never thought that was right but i like that it is
i am such a pimp in this world of junkies
the astute words can only come
from a chemist like me
i know i love for all that is your inked nature
the debauchery of this life makes me smile
more than anything in this world
like when the the crowd cheers for a delicious doll
as she takes off her her clothes
or the Timbers in a 3-nil shellacking
i see no difference in the two sometimes
but that is just my personality of controlled chaos
in this night life of denizens, harlots and observers
i am definitely the watcher in this world of wonder
can you love me like that
or is it something beyond your recognition
i am in love with you doll, isn't it obvious
maybe not, but i keep trying to show you
in what i do not think is so subtle
give me more of a reason to love you doll
if you can, but i can see here now
that you cannot, but i want you to know that i can
i will, if you let me
this night in its genesis is so very full
of non sequitor beginnings in what it is i have to say about
your love of me or lack there of
but i cannot see me waiting
i cannot see me being this very life, to you
i want to love you for all that you are
and for all that you can potentially be
in this era of inked dolls and alternative lives
in my magical rose city, my beloved rose city
that is full of pure joy when the sun shines
this is my way for you

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